Free English Lessons in Bath

Evening English classes will start again  on 20th September on WednesOTG3students photodays in St Saviour’s Church  in north-east Bath. The lesson starts at 7.30pm and ends at 9.00pm. New people can join any week. 

  Open to God English  lessons are for adults with English as their second language. Anyone who would like to improve their English is welcome. 

Lessons are absolutely FREE

Each lesson has a separate theme, so if you can’t come to every lesson, that is OK.

class-otg2-0007Gain confidence speaking English. Learn in a safe, friendly and relaxed environment. Each lesson we teach on a different theme (see Courses page) and a different Vowel Sound using the Colour Vowel Chart. We also include learning through the storytelling technique with bible stories: pictures and text.  Individual students are given the individual help they need at their level.

There is a 15 minute break for tea, coffee and cake.  Students take it in turn to bring cake.

The teachers are fully qualified to teach English as a foreign or second language (EFL/ESL) and are available to answer your questions about English and correct your pronunciation, grammar etc.

Just come along and join us – see if you like itfb


You don’t need to go to church to come to the lessons – everyone is welcome. People of all nationalities and any faith or no faith are welcome.

There is an additional half hour after  the English lesson which runs from 9.00pm to 9.30pm. At this, students who wish to, can look more deeply at the bible story, and discuss and explore spirituality together. This “Open to God Extra” is optional, so people are welcome to stay or leave at 9.00pm.